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 Emotional processing combines both Western and Eastern therapeutic modalities and is an art uniquely tailored to the individual.

What is Emotional Processing Technique?

Its western component highlights the essential importance of the Therapeutic relationship as a catalyst for healing . Its Eastern component brings in the philosophy of the subconscious mind and karma in which forms the foundation of the understanding of how problems are created and how they are resolved. It also calls in the use of breath and the universal healing energies as the catalyst for healing . Yet it is a non-dogmatic approach that can be tailored to all people and all belief systems.

Its basic assumption is the cause of dysfunction , depression , mental/emotional disorders , addictions and self-limiting patterns of behaviour is the containment of and an unconscious defence against unreleased psychic-emotional feeling energy in the body . For many it is trauma experiences that have occurred which have not been fully processed . These experiences end up causing all sorts of havocs in our emotional systems and perceptions of life. For others it can be less extreme but the consequences of the unreleased emotional energy is felt through our life circumstances .


Emotional processing is effective for many issues including ;

  •  Relationship problems ( our subconscious is often met in the mirror of relationships )
  • Addiction problems
    (coping mechanisms)
  • Eating disorders
    (coping mechanism)
  • Depression
    (repression of the psychic -emotional feeling energy)
  • Health issues
    (often related to repression)
  • Emotional issues
    (reflect the repressed psychic-emotional energy)


Emotional processing follows four steps…

It is believed it is the repression of experiences that creates the subconscious and our karma The subconscious is the power house and controls the quality of our lives from health , down to wealth and career issues and our conscious mind is helpless in its attempt to override its control. How many times have we found ourselves desiring to make a change in our lives only to find ourselves repeating the same old patterns time and time again ? and wondering why ? We again reach for the substance , self -sabotage or again find ourselves in a dysfunctional relationship asking yourself why is the beginning of the path to our freedom .

By bringing the subconscious , suppressed energy into consciousness it will affect the release of the repressed energy . By experiencing the feelings the cycle becomes complete and we become creators rather than reactors to our lives.

Emotional processing follows four steps ; Awareness , Acceptance, direct experience and transformation . Awareness is when we identify our feelings and what is occurring for us we get to the bottom of the issue . In acceptance we move into a state of non-reaction and accept what is occurring in our lives . We are then led gently into an alpha state and direct experience . Alpha is a deep meditative state similar to hypnotherapy . This is where we bring up feelings activated by present life circumstances and travel to the past and release and integrate the psychic emotional feeling energy which has been stuck and longing for resolution . This is the highest tantra, a complete merging with our soul. The last stage is transformation where we open ourselves and allow all the psychic energies to balance and a deep cleansing of the subconscious occurs .

Emotional processing follows these four steps...

– This Is The Way of Tantra

...First Awareness , And Then Acceptance...

– This Is The Way of Tantra

...Followed by Direct Experience and Finally Transformation.

– This Is The Way of Tantra