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Many people throughout the world believe in the idea of reincarnation and the transmigration of the soul.

What is Past Life Therapy?

Many people throughout the world believe in the idea of reincarnation and the transmigration of the soul . I operate in a non-dogmatic way. My mind is open and flexible to meet all types of people and I welcome all their beliefs .

Many people contact me because they have had sudden memory recall or experienced far term memory being released, some have had a dream which they wish to investigate . This is all wonderful as it means the subconscious is clearing and ready to resolve whatever the presenting issue may be . Many others come just for interest. All are welcome in my practice.

Past life therapy is well documented and many have discovered the causes of their phobias , or particularly challenging relationship dynamics lie in some past imbalance or a repressed memory . Past life energy is also known as our subconscious mind and many believe it is the storehouse of karma we bring with us. This is also known as the Akashic records journing into past lives and the in-between life state can reveal many hidden treasures.

In Past life therapy the client is taken into a deep Alpha state where the subconscious mind with guidance can reveal to us what is hidden but experienced as symptoms in our lives.



The Alpha State

From the deep relaxed alpha state we can overcome things , we can understand relationship issues , we can take back vows of poverty or vows made in anger . We can understand the reasons for phobias and a ray of different challenges. The list is endless only limited by the narrowness of our own minds . The language of the subconscious is rich and deep and it will reveal to us what is required .

Past life therapy works efficiently with astrology as the birth chart has the ability to present to us this subconscious energy we carry which dictates our current life please see my astrology page for more information .

The Humanistic therapeutic relationship is central to the work and once the relationship has been established we move into a deeply relaxed Alpha state . When the client is ready we begin the process of journeying into our depths so the waters can run free and life can again flow . The client remains in charge of the journey 100 percent of the time and it is my experience that the subconscious will only reveal to us what we are ready to experience.