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Inner Child Work

Show me the child at seven and I will show you the man or woman

What Is Inner Child Work?

A child is born without defences yet formed, hence our emotional feeling body is wide open and completely vulnerable to the imprints of the environment from the family and cultural ideology we are born into .

These imprints are a mix of deep lingering felt senses and often are unnameable mostly because they were laid down before we had words to comprehend or understand .

Every child’s need is to be loved , to be seen and to be regarded as essential to the well -being of the family . Sadly for most of us these developmental needs were not met leaving a build up in the subconscious mind of unprocessed feelings. These often painful feelings result in our dysfunctional behaviours and habits especially when they are being triggered by external events.

The tendency is to blame or go into fight , flight or feed rather than allow the resolution of the experiences so longing to be met with care and attention.



Emotional processing follows four steps…

Inner child work uses the techniques and principles of Emotional Processing Technique to bring these lingering feelings to the surface in order to be released.

Emotional Processing works on the four steps of awareness, acceptance , direct experience and transformation . During the process you are gently led into an alpha state where the subconscious is directed to present us with whatever is causing our distress we welcome and meet these lost soul parts .In doing this our pain becomes the source of our new life.

Working on our emotional inner world brings such joy and laughter into our lives . It is the source of our creativity , our wonder and playfulness. This is deeply sensitive work and I approach it in the most gentle loving manner but in my experience the subconscious mind only reveals to us what we are ready to know.

Emotional processing follows these four steps...

– This Is The Way of Tantra

...First Awareness , And Then Acceptance...

– This Is The Way of Tantra

...Followed by Direct Experience and Finally Transformation.

– This Is The Way of Tantra