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The Way of Tantra

Integrated Therapy

“Welcome to my website.

This is the home for all you seekers as we evolve into a brand new era of human history.”

– Helena Ramsey

“Helena has been reading for me now for a number of years. She’s a very skilled tarot reader and astrologer. She’s deeply intuitive and has a profound understanding of human nature.

Through her readings, Helen has steered me through life’s ups and downs and empowered me greatly on my soul’s journey in this world.

Her warmth, compassion, wisdom and sense of humour – combined with her great talent for tarot and astrology – make her an exceptional human being.

I highly recommend a reading / series of readings with Helen. It’s truly a transformative experience.”

- Anna Dé

Brighton, UK

My services include:

  • Emotional Processing Technique including past life regression and inner child work.
  • Primal Wounds Therapy including DNA cleansing.
  • Evolutionary Astrology.
  • Tarot.
  • Holistic body treatments. Including Reiki, Reflexology, & various Massage Therapies.

These therapies are offered as an integrated programme or as stand-alone therapies.

About My Services

All my services embrace a central theme and message – that the gateway to our liberation lies in the courage to look within and feel the remnants of the past that lives within us. It is these remnants that are our individual suffering our samskaras so often played out in the mirror of our relationships. This can include our relationship with money , ourselves and our career.

When we meet and befriend these energies the evolutionary energy of the soul (the kundalini ) unravels and begins to return us to our birthright of happiness , joy and deep soul expression .

This is the way of tantra when we discover our challenges were in fact our greatest gift: a doorway to a new life , it is a deep and complete meeting with the self on all levels the way of the spiritual warrior .


More About ‘The Way Of Tantra’ Therapy

The last 5.000 years has seen a world built on oppression and dishonour of the human spirit as well as persecution for daring to be different. The intention of this time is to break us free from the chains that had bound us to a life of repression .

My intention is to support you in this process of facing the countless ways we seek to avoid the great liberation of our souls potential . These chains that have bound us are our collective and ancestral woundings that we have inherited and are playing out in the drama of our lives.

About Me

I have a first class BA in Humanistic Counselling.

All My Qualifications:

  •  First Class BA Humanistic counselling
  •  Emotional processing Technique Diploma
  •  Hypnotherapy and Past life therapy Diploma
  •  Evolutionary Astrology
  •  Seasoned Tarot reader
  •  Holistic massage and Reflexology diploma to advanced level
  •  Indian head massage diploma

Dare to go within &  dare to feel.


Emotional processing believes our true destiny is unconditional happiness.

What gets in the way is our unprocessed emotions stored in our subconscious mind. These unprocessed emotions control our lives.

Emotional processing provides an effective way to release these stored emotions in the subconscious – if we dare to go within and dare to feel.


Emotional processing believes the past is present in the now . Yet often planetary transits trigger far term memory and it is a common theme in people’s life. I use both Emotional Processing and Evolutionary Astrology for past life or inner child regression work.

It is deeply effective and profound work.


An astrological approach that with precision identifies the souls intentions for this lifetime and identifies both the obstacles and the places of support in reaching the souls desires.  

These obstacles can be called samskaras; which are impressions from the past  which have become calcified emotions or internalised conditioned beliefs that need to be brought to awareness, processed and released.  EA states we evolve through our emotional body when combined with emotional processing it allows for a deep unfreezing of the soul so the waters can run free and light can shine again. 

Our suffering is our liberation to our new life and is to be embraced and celebrated rather than turned away from and seen as a weakness; it is the path of tantra and the true warrior.


The six primal wounds represent the six strands of DNA . We all inherit one of these primal wounds from our ancestors that we need to purify and bring in the gift.  It is our deepest wound but also our true vocation in life as when we transmute our own wound we are transforming the collective past and bringing in a new cycle of experience for all sentient beings.  

Humanity will not evolve to a better future through government structures but through the work we all do at an individual level.We are the change we have been waiting for.


The tarot cards are an ancient form of divination and guidance. A reading can support us in understanding the energies in our current life situation and how the past is extending into the future and what needs to be released for life to begin to flow again. It can point to what doors are currently open to us and which are not; this helps to maximise our energy in the most efficient ways. 

I am able to do a multiple of readings on request including general life readings, relationships, career  and study the potentials surrounding us.


I offer these treatments as a stand alone treatment. I can also combine with the birth chart/tarot which will highlight any area of the body where the emotions have become calcified causing a block in the area that the planet represents. This inner block is now making itself known as a tension in the body or as a lack of fulfillment in our lives.

Outer reality is but a manifest of our inner world. 

“it is through the cracks that the light gets in.”